Beauty in the Broken Pieces:

Discovering Strength in our Scars

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Book Description: When faced with adversity, such as trauma, we unintentionally adopt a victim mentality, blaming others for our problems rather than seeking solutions. To an emotionally healthy individual, a resilient response may come as second nature. However, for someone who wasn’t raised in an emotionally supportive environment, a challenging experience can have a devastating impact on our mental health. Often, resulting in self-destructive behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, self-harm and in some instances, even suicide.

Regardless of our challenges, Psychologist Scott Kauffman argues that there is no correlation between experiencing trauma or victimization with possessing a mindset of interpersonal victimhood. In other words, ANYONE can develop a victimhood mentality.

In Beauty in the Broken Pieces, inspired by his  signature presentation, Freddie helps his readers deconstruct the victimhood mindset so they embrace adversity as an opportunity to grow.

Using his own story of personal growth, Freddie demonstrates that our challenges offer an opportunity to develop our character, our imperfections make us beautiful and forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Our challenges offer an opportunity to grow
  • You are more beautiful for having been broken
  • Wishing for change will change nothing. Taking action will change everything
  • Forgiveness is a process, not a destination
  • The pain we suffered doesn’t have to determine our future