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Helping Teens Embrace Adversity as an Opportunity to Grow

“I watched the crowd … and they were all riveted to what Freddie had to say.”

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6 Tips to EMPOWER a Student to Open Up

Victim to Victor

How Our Challenges Offer An Opportunity To Develop Our Character

Often, teens adopt a victim mentality when faced with adversity, blaming others for their problems rather than seeking solutions. To an emotionally healthy teenager, a resilient response may come as second nature. However, to a teenager who wasn’t raised in an emotionally supportive environment, a challenging situation, such as trauma, can have a devastating impact on their mental health. Many will struggle with depression and turn to self-destructive behaviors. Uncommonly, resulting in suicide (Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens, CDC).

However, according to Psychologist Scott Kauffman, there is no correlation between experiencing trauma or victimization with possessing the victimhood mindset. In other words, ANY teen is susceptible to developing a victimhood mindset.

Through use of his story, Freddie helps teens deconstruct the victimhood mindset so they embrace adversity as an opportunity to grow. Freddie demonstrates that our challenges offer an opportunity to develop our character, our imperfections make us beautiful and forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

Through key lessons, Freddie challenges his audience to face their fears, to take risks, to put themselves first, and ultimately, to reach their fullest potential.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Our challenges offer an opportunity to grow
  • You are more beautiful for being broken
  • Wishing for change will change nothing. Taking action will change everything
  • Forgiveness is a choice for freedom

Appropriate for Grades 7 Through College Level


What People Say

“His speech was amazing … It was very mind changing.”


Marketia Banks-Asuncion


“I was always a very angry person … and I never wanted to change anything until I watched [Freddie’s presentation].”


Matthew Ferido


“That was one of the best presentations we have ever had!”


Timothy Suanico


“What I took from his speech is that you can really turn something very difficult into something very beautiful.“


Katherine Ho


“Anyone who chooses Freddie to come to their school is going to be blessed to have a beautiful and powerful message sent to their students.”


Julia Montes

School Counselor

“When Freddie speaks his words carry weight and go straight to people’s hearts. He is authentic, endearing and [is] a joy to hear speak.”

School Educator

“His message has a lot of value to kids … I think it’s a great way to move the climate of your campus in a positive direction.”


Scott Mcgregor


“His speech was amazing … there were many wet eyes in the room.”


Mule Creek State Prison

“I watched the crowd … and they were all riveted to what Freddie had to say and were equally touched and motivated.”


Yuri Penermon


“His speech was powerful … just that message of hope that he can give to other kids.”


Susan Atterberry


“Something that I really admired about Freddie’s presentation is that its something that anyone can relate to … whether you’re rich or poor. Old or young. Anyone, at some level, can relate to his story … I encourage you to bring him to your school and have him inspire your students.”


Yesmin Ortiz

School Director

“I liked how Freddie made the students think about their own lives and how they can take responsibility and make change by changing their attitude … he really identifies with the [students] and they connect with him … I would definitely recommend bringing Freddie to your school.”


Dr. Stacey Bagnasco

School Director

“Freddie’s speech was very impactful. I learned that no matter what we go through in life we should never give up. There is always hope.”


Ariana Burnett


“To keep the attention of hundreds of middle school students for an hour is a testament to the message Freddie presented. The kids were able to relate to Freddie and his message was relevant to everyone in the room!”

Bob Beem

Bob Beem


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